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Daughters of Tonjes 459 Sport earn Star and Crown predicates!

February 25th, 2016 was a very exciting day for us.  It was the conclusion of the first round of ABFP tests for our stallion Tonjes 459 Sport.  Six of his adult offspring were being inspected by the KFPS jury to see how they had progressed in their riding and driving training over the last couple of months.

Each of the six did a great job before the judges, with some even earning scores as high as 77, 78.5 and 79!  We felt so proud of them and of Tonjes!

But the most exciting part came when the horses were shown in hand and inspected as if at a keuring.  We were excited to hear that one of his daughters (Tonjes 459 Sport X Doaitsen 420 Sport) became 2nd premie Star.  (Congratulations to owners Ted & Tina Vanderkooi!)  But we were even more thrilled to learn that our own mare, Martie KCF (Tonjes 459 Sport X Jasper 366 Sport + Pref), was given a 1st premie and earned her Crown predicate.  What a joyful day!

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to FHANA and everyone at Performa Dressage for making this ABFP testing in Michigan such a success.  We are also very grateful for the hard work and skillful training of Alfons van Proos Dij, Martinus Hoekstra and Lisa Anes-Delaat.

Thank you and congratulations to everyone!

The MOST exciting news EVER!!

We could not be more excited and proud to announce the KFPS Approval of our stallion Jakob KCF!  He will now be known as JULIUS 486!

On February 28th, 2015, in Hanford California, Jakob had his final evaluation by the KFPS Stallion Selection jury.  The scores he received for his tests were some of the HIGHEST scores ever achieved by a young stallion in the Central Examination!  He received an 89 for riding, an 89 for driving, and a 93 for show driving.  KFPS jury member Harrie Draaijer described him as a “very, very special stallion”.

Julius 486 was born April 24, 2011 and his sire is the ever-popular Dutch stallion Norbert 444 Sport.  His mother is Wietske van de Anne Hoeve, a Star mare sired by the Preferent stallion Beart 411 Sport + Preferent.

A big thank you to Willy Arts and his team at DG Bar Ranch for taking such good care of Julius and helping him achieve these incredible results!

For stud services, please contact The Friesian Connection.

Jakob KCF officially invited to Stallion Testing!!

This morning we received some INCREDIBLE news!!

The KFPS notified us that our stallion Jakob KCF has been officially accepted into the 70-day stallion testing in Hanford, California!  This is a dream come true for us at Kettle Creek Friesians and we are extremely proud of our young home-bred stallion!

Jakob’s breeding is Norbert 444 Sport X Beart 411 Sport + Preferent X Rypke 321 X Oege 267 Preferent X Hearke 254 Sport + Preferent.

Very soon Jakob will make the very long trip from Ontario, Canada to Hanford, California where he will meet the KFPS jury for the first time on December 19th. Good luck Jakob! We know they will love you!

Tonjes 459 earns his Sport predicate!

We are so proud and excited to announce that our stallion will now be known as Tonjes 459 Sport!!

Tonjes demonstrated his incredible talent and trainability in the Netherlands this fall.  Entering into his training at the close of the breeding season, Tonjes’s managers at SBH-Horses were very ambitious in their decision to begin his competitive career at the Z1 level (equivalent to USDF 3rd-level).  This for a stallion who had never competed in dressage before!!  The plan payed off and Tonjes made quick work of earning his 5 qualifying scores after attending only 2 competitions.  What a stellar stallion he is!

KCF would like to thank everyone who has had a hand in helping Tonjes reach this great milestone, especially his current trainer Gotien Sipsma, as well as his family in the Netherlands – Sjoerd Meekma, Greetje Swart and Kaisa Helpio.

Fantastic Results at the 2013 Keuring!

What an incredible keuring we had here in Ontario!  It was a delight to host Jan Hellinx and Jenny Veenstra, both veterans of the KFPS.  There were nearly 50 horses shown over two days and the judges were very impressed with the quality of the Friesians presented.  They even ran out of 1st premie ribbons half-way through the second day!
Day 1 started with IBOP tests and we were thrilled when our mare Ynskje W (Beart 411) passed with a great big score of 83!! She has now fully earned her Crown predicate and she won the IBOP Cup award for the highest score. Big thanks to Ynskje’s trainers!
Next came the babies. Our Ronan KCF (Stendert 447) got a 1st premie and Piper KCF (Tonjes 459 ) and Romeo KCF (Tonjes 459) each got a 2nd premie.  Congrats to Friesians of Camelot for winning Reserve Champion colt with their beautiful 1st premie Tonjes 459 baby Quinley! We were so excited for you and for Tonjes!
Our yearling Martie KCF (Tonjes 459) was also a superstar by earning herself a 1st premie and then going on to win the Youth Championship of Day 1!! We are SO proud of her and her amazing sire, our boy Tonjes 459!!!
On Day 2, our home-raised 3 year old stallion Gus KCF (Doaitsen 420 Sport) was in top form and exhibited himself beautifully. He came home with a blue ribbon and a Star rating!!
Six-year-old Ynskje W. became Crown on Tuesday when she passed her IBOP.  On Wednesday she was again awarded a 1st premie and also became Champion Mare of the keuring by topping all the other mares, including two other lovely Crown mares!  Then our 5-year-old gelding Allard (Tsjalke 397) strutted his way to a 1st premie rating and also took home the Champion Gelding ribbon!
After all this excitement, we were still in for an even more thrilling finish.  In the final round when all the very best Friesians at the keuring go against each other, our Ynskje W was named Keuring Champion! Then our yearling filly Martie KCF, who won the Youth Championship on Tuesday, beat out an adult Crown mare and was named Reserve Champion of the keuring!!We are SO proud of Ynskje and Martie and all our other horses that achieved fantastic results at this large Ontario Keuring.
We are also extremely proud of our stallion Tonjes 459!  His babies got two 2nd premies and one 1st premie and his phenomenal daughter Martie beat the odds by being awarded the second most prestigious title at the entire keuring. It was a day to remember for sure!!
We at Kettle Creek Friesians owe a great big thanks to Rob DeBruin for his fantastic horse handling and running skills.  We would also like to thank several others for their efforts in helping us prepare and present our horses including Petra & Leo Verkade, Cecile Von Martels, David Stoll, Simon Vanderkooy, Anna Verkade, and Trudy McNeill.  Without the help of these friends, our successes would not be possible.

Tonjes 459 at the 2013 Hengstenkeuring!

We had a wonderful time in The Netherlands for the annual 2013 Hengstenkeuring.  With more horses and more spectators than ever, the event was a huge success and immensely enjoyable for everyone.

It was also a thrill to see our own Tonjes 459 show himself off for the first time in front of  thousands in the arena and hundreds more online.  He performed so well and was praised by the judges for his active trot and effortless movement.  We are so proud of him!

And what an exciting finale to see Norbert 444 take the championship for the second consecutive year!  He is such an impressive young stallion and his many achievements give us great hope for our two young stallions Luke KCF and Jakob KCF, both Norbert 444 X Beart 411.

Congratulations to all of the breeders and owners of the incredible stallions showcased at the 2013 HK.  As always, it was a wonderful event and a fantastic way to begin the new year!

New video of the babies!

Have a look at this cute new video of two of our babies having some fun in the arena.

Five-month-olds Orion KCF and Mieke KCF are both sired by our stallion Tonjes 459.  Orion is a 1st premie colt out of our Provisional Crown mare Ynskje W (Beart 411 Sport) and Mieke is a 2nd premie filly out of our Star mare Fenna JB (Fetse 349 Sport).


Orion & Mieke Video

New Video of Willow!

Check out our newest video of our beautiful Star mare Willow P.

Video of Willow P.

Willow is for sale to a quality home.  Please visit our Sales page for more information!

Tonjes 459 Arrives in The Netherlands!

We are so excited to announce that Tonjes 459 has safely reached his destination at SBH-Horses (Stoeterij Bosksicht Holland), owned by Sjoerd Meekma and Greetje Swart of Rijs, The Netherlands. This new arrangement between our two stables will allow Tonjes exposure to another population of KFPS-registered Friesian mares. Similarly, it marks the launch of breeding services for SBH-Horses.  With Tonjes’s first crop of foals on the ground, we are very confident that he has the ability to make a significant and meaningful contribution to the Friesian breed in Europe!

Tonjes will be the only Approved son of the well-known and well-respected Anton 343 Sport to be stabled in The Netherlands. With his mother, Tjallina W. Model, out of Stam 50, Tonjes’s mother line is Model (Ulke 338 Sport), Ster + Pref (Leffert 306), Ster + Pref (Lammert 260). Having these genetic influences, Tonjes is poised to make a very positive contribution in both racial type and movement.

In 2011, Tonjes spent his first full breeding season stabled here in Ontario, Canada. During his second breeding season in 2012, we had the pleasure  of having Tonjes stand at stud at the Friesian Connection in Michigan, USA. “Tonjes is easily the best mannered and most cooperative stallion we have ever worked with”, said Janice VerMerris of The Friesian Connection. “His temperament is second to none”.

Tonjes 459 is expected to make his official debut to Dutch breeders at the 2013 Hengsten Keuring in Leeuwarden in January.  We are so excited to see Tonjes embark on this new adventure and we are confident that the Friesian horse breeders of Europe will love and appreciate him just as much as we do!

For information:


Ontario Keuring 2012

We are so happy to report another GREAT keuring for Kettle Creek Friesians this year!

Our day began with presenting the pride of our stable, Tonjes 459. And he did not disappoint! Typical of Tonjes, he was a calm and relaxed boy while awaiting his turn in the show ring. When it was his time, he stood and posed beautifully for the judges as they inspected his condition and conformation. Then came the fireworks! Turning it on on cue, long black tail held up like a banner, Tonjes demonstrated his incredibly powerful and suspended trot. To the delight of the spectators, he appeared to float around the show ring. We couldn’t be happier with how our boy presented himself!

Next we were able to present our three colts in a class of nine. Both Oliver KCF (Tonjes 459) and Onyx KCF (Lolke 371 Sport) received 2nd premies! Orion KCF (Tonjes 459) was a little dynamo who earned a 1st premie and went on to capture the title of Colt Champion! We are SO proud of our little Orion, and his mum Provisional Crown mare Ynskje W (Beart 411 Sport).

The filly class was large and included 15 foals. Home-bred Tonjes 459 fillies Mollie KCF and Mieke KCF both earned 2nd premies! Martie KCF would be Tonjes 459’s second foal of the day to earn an orange ribbon and a 1st premie! We are so proud that our Tonjes foals were able to demonstrate the lovely characteristics and beautiful movements their sire is already passing on to his offspring.

Over the lunch break, we were fortunate to have our friend and talented rider, Petra Verkade, display Tonjes’s incredible progress under saddle. While standing at stud at The Friesian Connection over the summer, Tonjes was in training with Stacy Posthumus, a highly accomplished FEI level rider. Stacy described Tonjes as a stallion with “tons of talent” who can go far in the upper levels of dressage. She praised him for his good mind and athleticism, and believes he is one of the “finest representatives of the breed”. We’re so happy that Tonjes and Petra were able to put on such a great demonstration of Tonjes’s talent.

Our day wrapped up with the Ontario Friesian Horse Association’s annual riding and show-driving competitions, judged by our distinguished inspectors from The Netherlands. This time, Petra rode our lovely Star gelding Allard. Not only did Allard come first in the riding class, five minutes after receiving his ribbon he was unsaddled and harnessed up for the driving class, driven by his owner Jack Vanderkooy. Here, Allard was in a class of his own and he handily scooped up another 1st place ribbon!! What a great boy he is!

We had such a great day this year at our keuring, but we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of many great friends and family members. Special thanks to Leo & Petra Verkade, Shirley Woestenenk, Simon Vanderkooy & Kathryn Hendriks!